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It was love at first write. Bob and Lyn met through the Seattle Weekly personals in 1991 and the rest, as they say, is history. They share a strong interest in adventurous travel and a deep love of animals. In 2005 they made San Felipe, Baja Mexico, their home after living in Seattle, Sedona, Laguna Beach and Capistrano Beach.

Before retiring at the age of 53, Bob enjoyed careers in art, architecture, software engineering and management. In his spare time, he enjoyed buying properties and fixing them up to sell, including an historical Weyerhaeuser mansion in Tacoma, Washington. He now devotes time to traveling, various household construction projects, spiritual studies and figuring out what his next career will be.

Lyn also pursued a variety of careers, including ten years as a very successful massage therapist. But her heart and passion was always with animals, so in 2000 she trained at the Assistance Dog Institute and successfully ran a non-profit organization to train and place Service Dogs. In San Felipe, she trains, grooms and occasionally boards dogs at our home. More recently, Lyn has embarked on a new career in Animal Communication after taking a workshop with Carol Gurney. Eventually and after much more practice she plans to move into specialties such as helping pets pass-on, diagnosis of health problems and solving pet-related problems within the family.

Gabriel, Rose and Bud make up the rest of the family. “Gabe” is a handsome nine-year-old Golden Retriever, a true gentle giant who goes everywhere with us. Rose is Gabe’s eight-year-old feline friend, a sweet black and white cat who loves to hang out with us when not stalking lizards. Bud, our oldest pet, is a joy-filled 17-year-old Cockatiel who loves to sing - usually loudly and off-key.

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Bob and Lyn in 2007

Bud the bird, Rose the cat and Gabriel the Golden Retriever.