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Ajijic - photos

Upper left: The “New” church was constructed from the mid 1500’s to the mid 1700’s.

Middle left: Wednesday is market day in Ajijic.

Lower left: The plaza is a great place for old friends to meet.

Upper right: The Ajijic town plaza is the heart of the village and boasts artwork by local sculptors.

Lower right : “Burrow Man”. This colorful gringo is often seen cruising the streets. Not your typical expat,                             who are mostly reserved retired Canadians.





Although we actually stayed in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Ajijic was only a few blocks west of us and that’s where we spent most of our time.  This page contains photos mostly from Ajijic but also contains photos from other lakeside communities.

Upper left: The old chapel. Built during the time of Cortes, this chapel has seen a lot of history.

Middle left: Tractor with kids on the highway. “Street legal” is a relative term here.

Lower left: Lyn and Gabe attempt to cross flooded street near our casita. Five days of unusual rain made some areas impassable and damaged streets on either side of ours.

Upper right: Boats near Chapala pier ready to take tourists out to the island.

Lower right : Jocotepic plaza. The pine tree is actually growing out of a giant pitcher. “Why?”, you ask...





Upper left: Fine dining on the lake: Bob, sister Cathe and Lyn.

Upper-Middle left: Mexican Fiesta Day at the Lake Chapala Society

Lower-Middle left: Dancers perform traditional dances at the Ajijic town plaza.

Lower left: One of Gabe’s Mexican cousins.

Upper right: Casita Contenta: our “casa away from casa”. Jack, the black Lab, comes free with the rent.

Middle right: An egret stands watch on a boat named “Seagull” near Chapala. Even nature loves irony.

Lower right : “Chula” the house cat who likes to perch atop bushes, hose reels, fences—anything really.

Left: Mural painting can be a family affair.

Middle: Lyn poses before walking the runway for a fashion show to benefit a woman’s shelter.

Top right: Horse traffic on our street.

Bottom right: Our friends who own Café Grano Café (“Coffee Bean Café”), the wonderful organic coffee house in Ajijic.  Lyn trained their dog “Osa” who poses with Gabe.