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Asia 1995

 Volume 1

 Volume 2, Part 1

 Volume 2, Part 2

 Volume 3


In 1994 Lyn sold her business, I quit my job and together we sold nearly all

of our possessions including cars, real estate, furniture, clothing, etc. Our

lives fit into six boxes of mostly art and memories plus the two packs that

we would wear for a year as we ventured half way around the world.

The adventure forever changed us and how we view not only other countries but our own. Those who sit in their lazy-boys and proclaim that the US is the greatest country in the world really need to get out there and see just how great the rest of the world can be.

We spent most of 1995 traveling in the South Pacific and S.E. Asia. While in route, we published a newsletter that we sent our friends and family. Since we continue to get requests for the newsletter more than a decade later, we are posting it here. The first two volumes are hand-written. I will post the third volume when I return home in October.

Asia 1995

Volume 1 Rarotonga and New Zealand

Volume 2 Part 1 Part 2 Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand

Volume 3 Philippines, Japan (to be added later)

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