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Guadalajara Area - photos

Guadalajara Cathedral. This grand Cathedral stands in the center of the historic district and has a plaza on each of its four sides.

Tub’n on the Rio Caliente. One of our wonderful side trips was to the Rio Caliente just west of the city in an area known as “Bosque de Primavera”. This beautiful pine/oak forest was set aside as a preserve and features a river that suddenly springs from underground on the side of an old volcano. The river is initially very hot and cools off as it meanders through the rolling forested hills.  We drove into the area on a windy dirt road, paid the $1/person admission fee and virtually had the place to ourselves. The water temperature was around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Bob, Lyn, Gabe and our friend Marla from Seattle enjoy a relaxing soak.

We didn’t spend much time in Guadalajara mainly due to the distance and traffic. The places we visited (besides Costco) were a bit touristic but well worth the trip.

Upper left: Another view of the Cathedral.

Upper-Middle left: War Memorial honoring the sons of Jalisco.

Lower-Middle left: Tlaquepaque town plaza (craft shopping district of Guadalajara).

Lower left: Huichol musicians in front of Tlaquepaque museum.

Upper right: Lyn and Gabe take a break by the plaza fountain.

Middle right: Colonial-era building with baroque façade.

Lower right : One of the many helpful signs to point us in the right direction (we almost missed the turn).

Mazamitla—the Mexican Alps. One day we drove to the other side of the lake and then turned south for about 45 minutes to the charming town of Mazamitla. At 7,000 feet in elevation, we were suddenly in a world of pine forests and waterfalls. We hiked through a park and picnicked beside a series of cascades.  The town itself was very picturesque and took full advantage of their alpine reputation with carved-pine souvenirs and hotels with names like “The Swiss Chalet”. Dotting the hilly landscape are many cabins and chalets used as weekend retreats by wealthy Guadalajarans