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San Felipe: “No Bad Days”

San Felipe is a small but growing fishing village on the Sea of Cortez, two

hours south of the US border. Known for its shrimp and the Baja 250/500

races, San Felipe attracts a mix of US retirees, off-road enthusiasts and

snow birds. The weather is hot in the summer, can be a little chilly in the

winter but is usually very nice in the spring and fall. The sea helps to moderate the climate and boasts some of the largest tide swings in the world, dropping as much as 23 feet during the full and new moon tides. This tidal action can actually create a breeze and it is usually breezy at some point every day. Sunshine is the order of the day in San Felipe.


The wide beaches are great for clamming and shelling.  Towering mountains, the tallest in Baja at over 10,000 feet, create a scenic backdrop for the area and prevent the winter Pacific storms from reaching the desert. If you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle there are lots of interesting trips to be made in the hills and valleys right behind us.

Our home is located eight miles north of town in El Dorado Ranch, a huge development encompassing some 17,000 acres. The construction boom of three years ago has quieted but there are still new houses going up.

The pictures below should give you a feel for the area. There are also plenty of websites describing the treasures and activities of the area.

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Looking south down the Malecon, or beach-front promenade, on a quiet morning. During the many annual events the street is jammed with people. Fishing boats typically line the beach and you can buy shrimp or fish right off the boat.

Looking north up the main beach. The sea here teems with fish, shrimp, squid and occasionally dolphins.

Centuries-old giant Cordon cactus may be viewed in a preserve about ten miles south of town. Even further south is Puertocitas, a small village where you’ll find natural hot spring pools right next to the sea.

Snow-capped Picacho del Diablo (Devil’s peak) rises over 10,000 feet above the desert floor. This picture was taken from our property.

The beach at El Dorado Ranch. This is where we run Gabe nearly every morning, often as the sun is rising over the water. The town of San Felipe is nestled just on the other side of the two mountains. The beach is usually this crowded.