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North meets South: Tahoe 2004

Our two families had never met accept when an occasional visitor from Bobís family would meet some of Lynís family in Seattle. We even had two separate wedding receptions, one in Washington and one in California. So in 2004 Lyn rented some cabins on Lake Tahoe and invited both our families to join us for a few days of fun on the lake. On Lynís side we had her niece Jodi, brother Jon with wife Janet, and Lynís parents, Chuck and Mardelle.† Bobís family included my mom Betty and two of my three sisters, Jeanne and Vicki. Even Gabeís brother Robert showed up for the event.

For some reason, Bobís family didn't make it into the pics. If you have any pics of the whole gang, let me know.

Family Stuff


 Reunion Ď04

 Reunion Ď05

 In Memoriam


Humans from left: Jodi, Jon, Janet, Bob and Lyn. Fur people: Robert, Gabe

Lynís mom Mardelle, Lyn, her brother Jon and her dad Charles.

Mardelle, Lyn, her niece Jodi and Charles.

Jodi, Lyn and Janet.