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Asia 1995

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Where there’s a way, there’s a will…


Travel to foreign countries never ceases to excite us. There’s something about waking up in a strange land that stimulates the senses and keeps us young by learning new things and exploring new cultures. Throughout my life I have tried to travel whenever possible and have now spent about five years of my life outside the USA, having visited nearly 30 countries.

While it is nice to see the sights and relax in the tropical sunshine, the greatest reward of all is meeting the local people. Time and time again I have found that people are the same no matter where you are - same hopes, same joys, same concerns. Endless variations on a theme.

As a country, we Americans don’t get out much - Americans are probably the least-traveled people of the industrialized nations and know the least about other countries. I have talked to many foreigners who knew more about our political system than the average American does.  I have been to countries that were teaming with European, Japanese and Canadian travelers but very few Americans - even when our dollar was strong.

This section represents a small sampling of our travels together and will be added to as new adventures unfold. Unfortunately, many of our best photos from past trips were taken before the advent of digital cameras and, although I possess a good scanner, I have so far not been motivated to digitize them. Some of you may regard that as a blessing…

I have uploaded the scanned versions of our hand-written newsletters from our South Pacific/ S.E. Asia trip of 1995 because we still get an occasional request for a copy. A friend recently took a copy with him to New Zealand and found that Lyn’s hot tips were still hot!

Enjoy and may the travel bug bite you in the ass!