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The Murals of Mexico

Mexico has long been renowned for its fantastic murals and famous muralists. While larger cities boast works by Rivera, Orozco, Tamayo and others, even small villages have wall murals created by talented local artists. As I wander the cobblestone streets of central Mexico I occasionally stop to photograph some wonderful piece of wall art and I gladly share those here.

Ajijic, Hidalgo St. near the plaza. This mural was very eye-catching, almost photo-realistic. My favorite in Ajijic. It was two-stories tall so I had to take two photos to capture all of it. It depicts a pre-conquest ceremony performed by the peoples of the lake. The artist used local residents as models.

Ajijic, Lake Chapala Society.

Ajijic, near the church. This one is on a public school wall.

Tlaquepaque, near Guadalajara. This is a ceramic tile mural with lots of characters from Mexican history. On the right, note artist Frida Kahlo holding the yin-yang symbol standing next to the skeleton.

Chapala, Church baptismal. This colorful mural was in the main church of Chapala. It was painted on three walls and the ceiling surrounding the baptismal font.

Ajijic, Opus Gallery. This mural was painted on the side of our landlady’s dress shop.